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Loving Annabelle - lesbian movie

Geplaatst: 06 aug 2006 01:27
door Snicky
dit is even in het engels, maar dat komt omdat het de wereld al is rondgestuurd ;)

Guys, check this out :


Annabelle, 17.

Beautiful and rebelling senator's daughter, who sends her to a catholic boarding school.

There... she falls in love with her teacher...

Simone, 32.

The passionate poetry teacher realizes Annabelle's attraction to her.

Will Simone react on her feelings? Or will she do the 'right thing' in the eyes of the law, morals and catholic believes ... ?

Want more??? Check the site:

There are lots of beautifull pics and clips which will convince you how auspicious this movie is...

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Lovely Katherine Brooks, the director, agreed to stream the whole movie online...

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Geplaatst: 06 aug 2006 02:01
door cleis666
Er bestaat al een topic over deze film ;)